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    We believe that those with developmental disabilities are people first, and our array of services reflect that belief – creating a safe, welcoming environment designed to spark creativity, nurture people’s needs, and facilitate services needed to promote the highest level of achievement, independence, interdependence, self-determination, and community integration.
    Since its inception in 1998, Hands of Heartland has been dedicated to supporting people with developmental disabilities. It is our mission to do this with integrity, transparency, and — above all — respect.
    We believe in empowering and enriching the lives of people with IDD through skill enhancement, community integration, advocacy, and the support needed to pursue their own dreams. This philosophy has become the agency’s top priority: ensuring that our services are driven by and created for the person.
    At Hands of Heartland, we operate on the idea that people with developmental disabilities can do just about anything they put their minds to and that they deserve a safe, supportive, and creative community in which to explore and achieve their aspiration
    It is our promise to enable people with developmental disabilities to experience life, employment, and independence within the community. In order to deliver on this promise in a way that honors people’s rights and needs, our top priority is the hiring of compassionate team members.
    Team members of Hands of Heartland will assist the people we serve through choices, dignity, and teachings. Through these mechanisms, we will empower the people we serve as they embark

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